Thanks for coming. I am a postdoc at the Department of Mathematics, HKUST.
My host is Prof. Zhigang Bao. We are jointly working with Prof. Yukun He.

Research interests: probability and related fields.
I did a few works about random matrices and random graphs.

E-mail (old)

PhD  in Mathematical Sciences, KAIST (advisor: Prof. Paul Jung  and Prof. Ji Oon Lee)
BS in Physics, GIST


Extremal spectral behavior of weighted random d-regular graphs,
with Kyeongsik Nam, in preparation. 

Higher order fluctuations of extremal eigenvalues of sparse random matrices,
to appear in AIHP.
Preprint – arXiv:2108.11634 

Noise sensitivity for the top eigenvector of a sparse random matrix,
with Charles Bordenave, Electron. J. Probab. 27: 1-50, 2022.
Preprint – arxiv:2106.09570

Delocalization and limiting spectral distribution of Erdős–Rényi graphs with constant expected degree,
with Paul Jung, Electron. Commun. Probab. 23: 1-13, 2018
Preprint – arXiv:1710.07002

Last update: April 2023